Pictured Left to Right:

Aleah Peters – Miss Nebraska 2016, Wellesley Michael – Miss Omaha 2016, Marianne Grubaugh – Executive Director, Kogan Murphy – Miss Douglas County 2016, Savannah Rave – Miss Douglas County 2015

The Miss Omaha/Douglas County Organization Board and Volunteers are all volunteers.  We are former contestants, directors, business owners, parents of past contestants, and people who just love the Miss America Organization.  We are always looking for new volunteers to come and join our crew and be a part of the team!  We love having fun and making it a great experience for the contestants and titleholders.

If you want more information, please contact Marianne Grubaugh at ggrubaugh@cox.net

The Miss Omaha/Douglas County Board of Directors and Volunteers

Miss Omaha/Miss Douglas County Board of Directors
Marianne Grubaugh – Co-Executive Director
Devin Larsen – Co-Executive Director
Tracy Kochenderfer – President
Ashley Rich – Vice-President
J. Todd Reagan – Treasurer
Cathy Howell – Secretary
Kelsey Ellis

Miss Omaha/Miss Douglas County Outstanding Teen Board of Directors
Megan Dimmitt – Co-Director

Our Volunteers
Deborah Ady
Sue Dimmitt
Megan Gould
Alyssa Howell
Anne Koerten
Jean Koerten
Bill Krivohlavik
Bob Kropp
Kate McGee
Lori McKean
Ally Patterson
Kay Peters
Brandon Rich
Sue Simon
Brian Tiede